Spotlight On: Helmsdale Hives

Tuesday 23nd October 2018

Buzzing around your garden are an army of industrious insects working to create a thick, sweet form of liquid gold! While honey can be found all over the world New Zealand is special because our Bees produce Manuka Honey.

Bees create Honey from the nectar of flowers. When this nectar comes from the flower of Manuka plants the honey produced is very unique.

While all honey has some healing properties Manuka honey has a high UMF  (Unique Manuka Factor). This means that its healing and antibacterial properties are much higher than in standard honeys. This is special as Manuka plants are native to New Zealand and Australia.

Therefore, the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) have very strict rules regarding the processing, packing and selling of honey. This is where we introduce:

Helmsdale Hives

Stacey and Logan operate a small family apiary business out of their farm in Waipu, Northland. They are passionate about their bees, and have a small scale tailor-made packing house. This allows them to ensure waste is minimised and the raw honey is processed without destroying the natural beneficial properties.

Setting up Helmsdale Hives has allowed Stacey and Logan to continue producing Honey within the strict MPI guidelines while also helping other northland bee keepers to process and pack their honey when they otherwise would not have have the facilities and resources to do so.

Here at Piwakawaka Tours we love supporting our community and think Helmsdale Hives are doing a great job!

So head over to their website and check them out or book a seat on our Delicious Whangarei Tour and let Stacey and Logan tell you all about Helmsdale Hives while tasting their delicious honey!

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