Spotlight On: Olives on the Hill

Tuesday 13th November 2018


Nestled in the foothills of the Brynderwyns you will find a picturesque grove of trees known as Olives on the Hill.

Seven years ago Chris and Linda stumbled across a hidden oasis in Mangawhai. A paddock of olives trees planted some 15 years ago and in need of some TLC.

Purchasing the olive grove in April 2012 offered them a retreat from busy Auckland City life. Wasting no time, they harvested their first crop of olives just six weeks after taking over the grove.

When we think of Olives one often paints the image of the Greek and Italian countryside, but they can be found all around the world. The beautiful subtropical climate of Mangawhai in New Zealand provides a great foundation for these trees to grow. But with the right care and knowledge this plant can thrive.

Today Olives on the Hill is flourishing. They now have 1300 trees which produce three different varieties of oil. Chris and Linda strive to create the finest caliber of Olive oils and have even developed their own vinaigrette.

Varieties of Olive Oil

Frantoio oil has a fresh fruity character with a distinctive aromatic flavour and a good balance of pepperiness. Perfect as a dressing over your favourite salads, pastas or steamed vegetables; delicious drizzled over baked potatoes or rice dishes, and adds flavour to hearty soups.

Ascolano oil has a distinctly tropical flavour with medium intensity, a well balanced fruitiness and a delicious peppery finish.  Drizzle over linguini, bruschetta, tomatoes and mozzarella, grilled fish, steamed vegetables; or serve with your favourite bread

Leccino has a full and buttery flavour.

You can purchase Chris and Linda’s oil on their website, or visit them at the Mangawhai Tavern Markets. On the other hand if a stroll through the olive grove followed by tasting these delectable oils appeals to you then grab a seat on our Delicious Whangarei Tour.

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